Caren was born in Los Angeles on April 6th, 1919—just blocks from where L. Frank Baum lived with his wife Maud, until he died exactly a month later on May 6th, 1919. So, Caren walked by OzCot during her youth. She had a younger sister named Dorothy Morris (Caren was Aileen Morris back then) who was a junior high school classmate and friend of Judy Garland’s—who would come over to their home to play with Dorothy and the family’s two dogs. From an early age—when Rudolph Valentino and Harry Houdini were still alive—Caren took up dancing and as she grew up, studied more discipline’s from the art. Caren graduated from the Hollywood High School in the class of 1937. Her first movie role as a dancer in the 1937 MGM film, Rosalie. Caren then was both a stand-in and dancer in over twenty-five films, from The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind in 1939, to The Adventures of Don Juan and Macbeth in 1948. Caren later married publicity man, Bill Doll, who worked for Michael Todd at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan. Caren and Bill had one son, Jonathan. Caren taught dancing for years and years. She turned 100 in 2019—right as she began to experience her second global pandemic. And this is the project she worked on during that time.

Caren Marsh Doll and Wizard of Oz cast
Artwork by Vincent Aseo



Daniel was born in Washington, D.C. in 1974—not far from the infamous steps in The Exorcist, which was released the year earlier. He grew up in Michigan and joined the Navy at age 17. He retired in 2012. He resides in Los Angeles and has a passion for Hollywood film art books and identifying trailblazing cinema poster artists, such as: Al Hirschfeld, Alvin “Hap” Hadley, James Montgomery Flagg, Marion Jochimsen, Malcolm Eaton, Fred Breen, Sam Berman, Jacques Kapralik, and John Held, Jr. Designed a book on the film art of the Marx Brothers in 2018, titled: Art Ducko: An Illustrated History of the Marx Brothers (Vol. I), and is currently working on an art of Houdini book (magic show and film poster art.)

Daniel Kinske